PLBK Rice Mixer




This product is the main equipment of the computerized Auto control Mixed Rice Production Line. It is used in mixing different kinds of grains, such as rice, corn, bean etc.

Outstanding features:

1 The latest internet + cloud control mode, the mobile can monitor the machine; 
2 The international communication interface, can be jointed with host computer central control system seamlessly; 
3 It can be self-settled by the mainframe and subordinate computer in order to control and debug multiple machines; 
4 Friendly human-computer interface, touch screen controlling, easy to operate; 
5 Positive displacement mixture, no cumulate error, high accuracy, no broken rice increment, the range of mixer ratio is 1:50; 
6 Low failure rate, auto-alarm to stop the machine for empty or full material, equipped with the quantitative supplier mode; 
7 Simple structure, easy to maintain and install, free to select the stable and movable usage. 

Technique parameter: