Converting Flexible Polisher


The polisher has adopted the flexible silica gel and vertical gravitational feeding chamber, avoiding the rigid extrusion and cutting effect, enlarging the flexible friction force. While guarantying the polishing effects, it largely reduces the rice scratching rate during polishing process.

Outstanding features:

  • Low polishing loss rate(high milled rice rate). Reduce the loss rate 80%(from 5%-10% to 1%-2%). Every 10 ,000 tons rice processing, extra 300-700 tons whole rice can be increased;
  • Low rice broken rate( high whole rice rate ). Reduce the loss rate 40%-60% (from 5% to 2%-3%).Every 10,000 tons rice processing ,extra100-200 tons whole rice can be increased.
  • Low power consumption. Only 7.5KW to 15Kw motor is required. It costs 2.5 KWH per ton rice processing, save 80% power. Every 10,000 tons rice processing, it can save 50,000 KW power.
  • Adopting the convertible frequency technique, it can adapt to different rice varieties.

Technical parameters:  the parameters of converter while polishing different rice

Brown rice: f=20~30Hz
Normal rice: f=30~50Hz