Convertible Frequency Soft Brusher and Polisher


The equipment has solved the difficult technical problems of scratching brown rice by polishing , low milled rice rate and high  power consumption of traditional iron-roller polisher , is the only polisher which could polish brown rice and normal rice in China.

The equipment has adopted the stainless steel, nanometer brusher, vertical gravitational feeding chamber and converting speed-adjusting technology, avoiding the rigid extrusion and cutting effect, enlarging the flexible friction force. It can completely remove the rice bran and insects-egg of brown rice and normal rice. While guarantying the polishing effects, it largely reduces the rice scratching rate during polishing process, improving the rice output rate, reducing the rice-broken rate and the power consumption. It has achieved the client's one machine and multiple usage goals.

Technique features

  • Low polishing loss rate(high rice output rate). Comparing with traditional iron-roller polisher, it reduces 80% of polishing loss rate (from 5%-8% to 1%-2%); Every 10,000 tons rice processing, extra 300-700 tons whole rice can be increased;
  • Low rice-broken rate(high whole rice rate). Comparing with traditional iron-roller polisher, it reduces 40%-60% of rice-broken rate (from 5% to 2%-3%).Every 10 ,000 tons rice processing, extra 100-200 tons whole rice can be increased;
  • Saving power, low power consumption. The motor is only 15KW(7.5KW*2), comparing with iron-roller polisher, saving 80% power consumption. It only takes 2.5 KW per 1 ton rice processing; It will save 50 thousands KW per 10,000 rice processing;
  • Flexible technique, freely operation, independent control brushing or polishing;
  • Convertible frequency speed adjusting, it can fit with different types of rice and different quality requirement, and easy to adjust rotating speed of polishing roller to process brown rice and normal rice;
  • Greatly reduce the rice temperature. The outlet rice temperature is as normal level from the brusher, therefore it can cut the rice-cooling process, saving investment.
  • Stable performance, easy operation;
  • Small volume, comparing with traditional iron-roller polisher, it can reduce 70% floor space.