Soft Brusher



Soft brusher is a main machine of rice finishing work section in rice processing technics, it has been listed in national standard "DESIGN CRITERION FOR RICE PROCESSING ENTERPRISE” ,acquired patent rights of China and patent application peimit from the United States, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and so on.
Professional uses:
①To wipe off the bran powder on the surface of rice to keep rice has muted white color.
②To perfectly sweep the parasite eggs and dust on the surface without bruising cuticle of brown rice.
③To be used in the white rice arrangement section: after whitener, in front of/behind rice shifter, 
    It usually substitutes for the first  polisher prior to color sorter.
④To be used in the packing  section: reduce the air leak rate of vacuum packer, ensure the 
   cleanliness of rice.
Outstanding features:
> The outlet rice temperature can be reduced by 5°C.
> The processing of brown rice and germinated rice: keep the integrity of rice 
    skin and germ.
> The processing of white rice: broken rice rate≤1%, rice bran loss rate ≤1‰.
> Remarkable reducing power consumption: Comparing with the normal 
    iron-roller polisher, saving 80% power. It saves 90,000 kilowatt hours per 
    milling 10,000 tons rice.
> The machine has small vibration and low noise, outer casing is nice 
   looking and firmly.